German? Yes. Sausages? No!

But if these were sausages, they’d sell like hot cakes, or cookies really ‘cos these oh-so-professionally wrapped bundles contain lebkuchen dough.  Lebkuchen are German gingerbread biscuits, usually made for festive occasions like Easter and Christmas.  

The dough is normally blobbed out in balls onto the baking tray but Cake Girl found it easier to make the dough in advance and leave it wrapped in the fridge before slicing and baking later in the day.  These cookies are definitely not jaw-breakers but instead slightly soft and chewy thanks to ground almonds and lots of honey.  They can either be left plain or embelished with melted chocolate and even iced.


Cake Girl knows that Easter has been and gone but it’s a long haul to Christmas and Easter is blessed with such an abundance of festive food treats that it’s impossible to do them justice in four days.  Added to this is Cake Girl’s discovery that there are dozens of variants on lebkuchen, including this cake version with its  particularly more-ish damp chewy texture.

The recipe recommends leaving this lebkuchen to mature for up to a month before devouring but a couple of days was as long as Cake Girl could hold out.  Besides, the recipe makes a decent quantity so at least some of it will get a bit longer to mature.