The day after the night before

Having people over for dinner is the perfect excuse to create decadent dessert fare.  It’s invariably the first thing Cake Girl anguishes over and sets to creating, then basks in the relaxation of knowing pudding is in the bag.  Heaven forbid that all the kitchen prep and cooking time get swallowed up by the savoury dishes, leaving no time or energy for the star of the meal.  There’s nothing more disappointing than being informed by a host that, due to time constraints (ie. lack of prioritisation) dessert will be a nice piece of fruit.  Simply unacceptable.

Cake Girl spent hours deliberating the flavour combinations for a recent dinner party.  And finally settled on dark chocolate tart (essentially baked cheesecake on a biscuit crumb base) with warm plums in cinnamon-spiced syrup, and icecream flavoured with orange, aged rum and ginger marmalade.  It was rich and indulgent - all the things dessert should be.    

The other marvellous consequence of entertaining is feasting on the left-overs, of which pudding is right at the top of the list.  Cake Girl tries to make extra to ensure a greedy stack of left-overs.  It’s no secret that everything tastes better the next day, with added bonus that no more cooking is needed.  And tucking into left-overs is the perfect cure for a late night and the associated after effects.  Less appealing are unfinished bottles of wine - but these tend to be relished the day after next.